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thuner roadster ----- ST3 / spec roadster/ etc

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hello all

in the ideal thunder roadsters world this would be ideal. as someone said once, I have a dream


1- there would be two groups

a. the thunder roadsters with Yamaha engines

b. the thunder roadsters with hayabusa engines.


the a group have their rules.

the b group would have a completely stock with no modification to the engine performance what so ever. just like the way the engine comes off a bike with EFI. if chosen by region the oem cdi boxes will be put in a box and will be drawn by racers and plug in and race.

The following items will be open

header/oil pan/air filer/air box/tires/wheels


the car setup and body work should be open. racers should be allowed to express their ideas with their cars.

the idea is to keep the standards simple and same for all of us so we can come to each other region and grow the group and once a year go to a national championship with 30 or more thunder roaders on the grid and crown a national champion. the texas thunder roadster is growing very fast and it sure would be nice have the east group in texas or visa versa.


guys, these are my thoughts only. maybe I am dreaming however this is just a idea


best wishes to all


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Wouldn't a ~stock Hyabusa engined TR fit pretty well in ST3?

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yes, stock hayabusa is a perfect fit in st3 class.

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