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tom hope


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tom hope

Is there a preliminary schedule for next year? I think a group of us watching this car come to life the schedule and car counts that we will be racing against is very important.




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Hi Tom,

Sorry, I just noticed this thread.

Jeremy or someone from NASA would need to answer the schedule question, but my guess is they're a ways from having a schedule put together. The last conversation we had it looked like there might be 5 to 6 races on each coast with a championship race somewhere in the fall.


Based on the level of interest, our guess is we'll have 25 or 30 cars sold by the end of the year and at least that many again next year. A lot of people are waiting to see or drive the car in person before placing an order so it's hard to get an accurate count right now.

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Jeremy C.



We are working on a schedule now for the car and it will depend heavily on car counts planned for next year and their planned destinations.

Our goal here is to provide a great field of cars to race against from the onset and that will require some traveling in the beginning until cars begin to pop up in larger concentrations in different areas of the country. Right now, we have a stronger presence of the cars on the west coast, but I believe once the car begins to travel the country and folks get the chance to see how amazing the level of quality and detail the car is in person and drive it for themselves, we'll see orders take off drastically.


Initial plans for the series are to have a West Coast NP Regional series and an East Coast NP Regional Series. In each of these, we will also include the Western and Eastern States Championships as part of the regional season because those are two premier events that series competitors will truly enjoy competing in. We are also working on some other exciting options that are a little premature to talk about at the moment, but I will certainly be posting more info as soon as it's available.


I know that doesn't answer your question completely, but having as many cars as we do on order already is a very strong indicator for the desire many have to attain this level of performance for the fantastic value the car represents and we believe when people begin to catch onto this opportunity, most won't be able to stay away from what this car and series has to offer!


I will have more info on the series schedule for 2016 in the next couple months as regions begin to lock in dates for next year. For now, you can plan on having the ability to run any NP01 in the NASA NP class at any NASA event across the country for points in your home region. We will also have a highlighted Western and Eastern regional Championship that will feature some of the greatest tracks around the country this regional championship will also include the Western and Eastern States Championships!


I'm certainly available if you'd like to speak more via email or phone.

Kind regards,

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