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25 Hour

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Anyone planning on running one of these in the 25 Hour?



2014 Mazda2 B-Spec

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Yes, We will be piloting one.


We have 4 out of 5 drivers already confirmed, and will be holding a test to find out 5th driver (16 people all with funding interested in the seat).


The price for the seat is $7k, the price for the mandatory test is $1,250. The test will be in about 9 weeks, at The Thermal Club in Southern CA, message me if you or anyone else are interested.

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Update from Drake's FB page


OKAY POTENTIAL 25HR of THUNDERHILL DRIVERS!!! NOW IS THE TIME!!! The NP01 is done, and will be shaken down this weekend.

Now its your turn for participation.

We will be holding our MANDATORY test on Wednesday the 25th of November at The Thermal Club, unless I could somehow get the track rented on Tuesday (not probable).

The price of the test is $1,000 + $250 guest fee.

We will have a track walk (bring active footwear), followed by recognizance laps.

After that, the fun begins.

We are going to be basing the test on four main aspects. Consistency, Smart Decision Making, Overall Speed, and Attitude.

We will be using data acquisition with laps set by Kenton Koch.

8AM-4PM, lunch will be included.


I understand that this is last minute, but I really need your help, as this was all dropped on me in the last 24 hours.


WE WILL HAVE A FULL PRODUCTION CREW (a small one, but a great one), so we will make everyone involved look AMAZING, bringing hype behind the drivers and the team itself.


PLEASE reply back with a confirmation that you can attend or can't attend. This will be the only opportunity to get onto our 25hr team. We already have a full crew and team, full spares package, tires, and gas. Now we just need the drivers.

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