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WTB: HPDE/TT car, e.g. 3 series, Miata, Civic or similar


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Hi guys!


I´m looking for a car for HPDE and maybe time trials. I´m not looking for a specific type of car, I could live with both FWD and RWD and have driven both on track.


Price range: 5-6k


Must haves:

- Must be street legal (won´t be able to tow the car)

- roll bar or caged

- some suspension suitable for track use already installed

- besides of little details (e.g. a set of brake pads) ready to run on the track


Location: Whole SE region + Florida, depending on the car up to roughly 5h around Statesboro, GA


Besides that I´m pretty open to everything. I prefer more safety items (especially race seats & belts) over performance parts and a slower reliable car over a faster one with a less-stock engine. Race cars are fine as long as they are still street legal.


I´ll be gone on a trip the next week so I might take a bit longer to answer than usually. Also I´ll be in CLT on 14th/15th of August, so if a car in that area is available I might be able to take a look at it on those days.

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