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Roebling 9/25-27 schedule?


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Hi So'easters,


I'm signed up for DE1 @ RRR at the end of this month, my first NASA event and my first full track weekend. I've reviewed the DE1 classroom materials and am fairly confident I know what is expected of me/my car. I've also checked with the track and intend to camp onsite. I've been unable to track down a schedule for the weekend, though, and now that we're into September I figured I'd ask about it. What I need to know is when I should arrive at the track on Friday the 25th. Is Friday a full day or an evening arrival/precursor to the rest of the weekend? I'm about 4 hours from RRR and will need to schedule work stuff accordingly. Any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated.




Jason Moore

'96 Mazda Miata

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When you login to the NASE SE site click on the Savannah Sizzler event (the more info link). Over to the right you will find quick links and the schedule will be posted once it is available. You will find other information already available such as when tech and registration are available, track map, etc.

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Glad to help. I was in your shoes just last year. Feel free to stop by and glad to share all my mistakes and lessons learned during my first year with NASA. I'm in a black foxbody mustang #52.


Your gonna have a great time!

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