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Toyo RR 275s Hot Pressure


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It's getting toward the end of the season and I only have one set of new tires left, and I am going to have to make this set count and last ( have already exceeded the racing budget this year).


Tires are Toyo RR 275/35-18, mounted on 9.5" rims. They will be on an 08 Mustang GT, 3700 full race weight.


What are you fellas seeing as a good, optimal target in air pressure, hot, front and rear?


Only looking for a target from experience, as Toyo recommends high 30s to low 40s, and I think this might be a little high.



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40 feels best for me. Ran 37 and it felt loose. At 40 it griped fine and will look at 41 next time to see if there is much difference.


Running same size on 9.5 wheels on a 99 3550 lb mustang.

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I found my best tire temps throughout the day at 40/38 hot. Same tire, same rim width, diff cars/geometry/axle, but similar weight.

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