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Miata drivers - enduro opportunity (25)

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Posting in here to reach PT* Miata drivers. I hope this is appropriate as far as forum rules go


We are considering expanding our 2015 TH E3 effort from 1 to 2 cars. Looking for drivers to make the second car work. As we need to make the final decision next week, please contact us at MomentaryRacing at gmail dot com ASAP if you have interest, and are ready to talk seriously


We will be bringing well organized effort with radio/spotter/telemetry support and the car (s) specifically developed for endurance racing. Looking for drivers able to drive momentum cars quickly and smartly, with multi-class enduro experience, or, at the very least, at least 3 seasons worth of sprint racing experience in a competitive class. The deals include many perks, and the rates will be competitive with E3 teams out there. You must have Thunderhill experience, or be willing to make arrangements to test and learn the track prior to the race in December.

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