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H2 engine questions...

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I am having a hard time understanding whether or not JDM engine swaps are allowed in the H2 class. Specifically the JDM b16a SIR-II in a USDM CRX or 92-95 Civic hatch chassis. I know there is the b16a2 from the USDM 99-00 Civic Si, but the JDM b16 swaps seem much more available and lower mileage. It does not say whether or not it is USDM and JDM in the notes in the rulebook like with the H22, or 100% USDM like with the k20a3. Would the b16b EK9 Civic Type R motor only be allowed in a RHD chassis as it was only available JDM and EU in RHD?


Also, if allowed, the b16a SIR-II for example makes for than the allowed 165 hp allowed in the H2 class, 170 hp. Obviously more with the allowed ITR and CTR cams. How would this work?


Sorry if these questions seem ridiculous, I have searched but can't wrap my head around this.


Thank you!

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