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Rule to revisit before 2016


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I failed to mention this during the submission period, but the language regarding wireless ECU communications is very poorly written.


5.3 / Remote and/or wireless connection to the ECU


Any hardware that allows a competitor to wirelessly connect to the ECU at any time during competition or post-competition impound is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether such hardware is external or internal to the ECU.


This statement is very vague.


First of all what is the definition of ECU? ECU is an acronym for two common automotive terms:


  1. Electronic Control Unit
  2. Engine Control Unit


A modern German car has a dozen or more electronic control units. But I think it is safe to assume that the author was referring to Engine Control Unit or Engine Management Systems.


Even if we are exclusively talking about engine control units, what about data acquisition systems? Many of these use wireless bluetooth or wifi OBD2 readers, and then display that data for the driver. Or some are slightly more removed, they have hard wired hardware that then wirelessly displays that data on a phone or tablet.


Is Harry's Laptimer or a Race Keeper illegal if they connect to the tach signal coming from the ECU? I think most would argue that this isn't the intent of the rule.





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