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race suit rules


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Sorry, a bit off topic, but I see this is a very active forum.


I have reviewed the NASA CCRs, PT/TT/Enduro rules, race inspection check sheets and searched the NASA website, the NASA forum and google. I see the fire safety standard (SFI 3.2A/1 rating or higher (3.2A/5, 3.2A/10, 3.2A/15, or 3.2A/20) or FIA 8856-2000),


BUT I do not see - - When does a race suit expire?


K1 Racing has 25% off ending Monday


thx in advance

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I wanted to make sure b4 I bought.


Im looking for best value below $8-900. K1 has one for $545




I'm thinking it's diminishing returns for the $!200 suit. . .




It's not. The more you spend the better the suit is by a large margin. If you're gonna wear it a lot spend all that you can. I spent $900 for my current suit and wish I'd stepped up to the $1500 price point.

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A $2000 suit will not be four times safer than say a $500 suit, but it WILL be exponentially more comfortable.


My Sparco Xlite/Evo/whatever was like $1500 several years ago. I'd rather wear it all weekend long than change out of it. It is that comfortable.

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