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S2000 H1? build

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2002 s2000





Arospeed tow hooks

APR GTC-200 trunk spoiler

APR 2.5" riser

DevSport splitter brackets

Custom 1.5" plywood splitter

RSG Amuse style hardtop

RSG front hardtop brackets

RSG 2 piece rear hardtop brackets



SPA 4L Alloy Electrical Multi-Flo AFFF system

Innovate MTX D oil pressure and temperature gauge

Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo seat 16"

Ultrashield Rally Sport Halo seat 17"

PCI Multi-Adjust Race Spec seat mount

AutoVation heel guard (grid, matte, no perimeter)

AutoVation pedal set (aluminum lightweight, grid, no perimeter, no grip pattern on accelerator and dead pedal, all through holes, matte

Momo tuner steering wheel

NRG quick release 2.5

NRG short hub SRK-131H

Full tig welded cage by Jeff Ricca



Track Forged baffled oil pan

Berk header back exhaust



Anze Penske 8300-DA 2 way remote

Karcepts s2000 front (0.250) and rear sway bars

SPC ball joint but maybe change out to Challenge front control arm offset delrin bushing set

Custom brake ducts

Stoptech ST40 front brakes

Carbotech XP10/8 brake pads

ARP wheel studs

TSW nurburgring 17x9 +60

Toyo RR and RA1


Winter Modifications


Race Keeper HDX2 two camera system with OBDII adaptor

Blox Racing half shaft spacer kit (maybe)

apexi neo

boomslang harness

I/O port seat brace

oil cooler

Scroth profi III-6 hans

catch can

weld a arm

spark plugs and wires

spare differential


This is going to be my first year racing and I want to make sure I am not missing anything in my build or change something now while I have time.

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Looks good.

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Rob O

Nice build but over the winter, if you have the money, I suggest K-Pro or AEM over the apexi neo with boomslang harness as you will gain way more HO/TQ with a full engine mgmt system. I also hear some people have had good success with the Haltech system too. Also by "weld a arm" are you talking about the front upper control arm brackets? If so, good idea because the will crack.


When and where did you do your comp school, where do you live and what region will you be racing with?

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