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Thunder Chicken roller for sale!

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Own a part of history. This is the original Thunder Chicken...extra crispy. As some of you know it met its unfortunate dimise at AMP earlier this year. The engine blew and when it did, it went hard. Other than spontaneous combustion I have no complaints about the car. It was a race winner and beast of a car. Super cheap parts, maintenance, and speed. A true open cockpit racer with thrills only an uncorked Yamaha engine+sequential shifter can inspire.

The car is just a roller now. Engine bay has been stripped out but, includes:

Extra set of Bassett wheels & tires in varying worn conditions

New rear end with 2.93 gearing (1 race old)

EZ mover

Competition wing

10 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell

New Richardson seat with cover

5pt harnesses

Header back exhaust

The engine can be yours as well if you want it. It's in crispy condition but, 600 Racing insists it's worth a bit money for parts. I'd rather not deal with it.

With a new engine, brake lines, clutch lines, etc the car should be right back in the race; and as a monumental part of Thunder Roadster history it really deserves to be rebuilt. Personally, I just don't have the time or space to deal with it and need to make room for the new Exocet and RX-8s. This car was honestly the most fun I have had on track and the car served me well for 30+ events. A raw driving feeling that can't be compared to anything else. If you ever have the opportunity to own Thunder Roadster do not miss out!


Call or txt 478-697-2four72

Willing to tow a reasonable distance


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She's headed to Indiana to be raced. Only the 4th car in their region. Hopefully a few more will be added soon.

Owner has a round track car with a good engine so the Thunder Chicken has everything he needs...body panels, fuel cell, shut off, 2.93 diff, wing, Wilwoods, suspension, halo seat, fire suppression, etc

When the new owner got here I found some fluids, new rotors, and 3 sets of brakes pads to go along with it too

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