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AWD Dyno?


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I'd like to understand a bit more about the dyno testing for regional and national events. My car is AWD, and from what i understand, regional events don't bust out an AWD dyno (i'm in texas). From some quick research, it seems that national events use GPS based calculation of "power" levels. Is this still the norm?


There is a program called Virtual Dyno, and it seems to somewhat match Dynojet numbers. Of course this requires a flat road and such, yadda yadda yadda. Basically what i'm getting at, is if national events will be using GPS for the AWD vehicles, i'd like to use Virtual Dyno to determine my limit. If national events bust out an AWD dynojet, i'd like to just use dynojet. I also think a ~3-5 hp buffer from max allowable hp would be ideal to take into account dyno variance, fuel variance, and all those other variables you can't control.


Can anyone shine some light?

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Just dyno the car on a real dyno. Super simple.


Virtual dyno is very easily manipulated and is rarely accurate enough to be of any use.


Same thing can be said for GPS based power calculations because a car can have a ton of high DF and high drag aero slowing forward acceleration. This would result in a lower power calculation. Likewise drafting someone down a hill will show a very high HP number.

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A buffer of 3-5HP is pretty dangerous. The recommendation is 3-5%, and even then for some people that hasn't been enough because of inconsistent dynos.

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