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ST-2 Rule Clarification


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While this has never been an issue regionally, I'm trying to get a clarification on this. I run a C5 Corvette in ST-2. Since the Northeast will be hosting the East Coast Nationals a the Glen, I'm checking my car carefully for an possible compliance issues. For the last few years, I've been running an aftermarket front bumper cover (Tigershark). Is this legal by ST-2 rules? Obviously it has the same basic shape as the OEM piece but with openings in different locations. I know we have people running aftermarket covers such as World Challange and even once that replicate the C6 cover.

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You're fine in ST2 - but if you were to drop down to ST3 you would have to run at 10.0/1 as opposed to 9.6/1 if you retained factory aero - doesn't matter what you change from stock anything that could be seen as aero (and a bumper definitely would be seen as aero) would bump you to 10.0.

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