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Race Suit Deal !

Broke Neck

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Im taking comp school in April, so a couple weekends ago I went to a race shop a couple hours away from me and tried on 10 different suits. Most of which felt like I was wearing a heavy ass wool blanket.


The Sparco Victory RS4 .... while out of my budget was great! Not heavy, comfortable. I couldnt pull the trigger on it right then.


I randomly typed in race suits in Amazon and one popped up I had never heard of .... but it was certified for what I needed, I liked the design, then clicked on my size (XXL) ... and instead of $650 it advertised when I changed the size it wemt to $180. I decided to take the gamble, if it was just plain horrible I would return it. Gave a heads up to two other friends who also got the $180 or $190 price.


When it arrived I tried it on and I have to say ..... ITS AWESOME! Its lightweight just like the Sparco RS4 Victory (not the same material as that one though). It fit perfect, and im actually very impressed and happy as hell I saved a bit of money.


They changed the prices almost instantly .... my same suit is $660 now. BUT ... if you filter through colors and sizes they have a couple still in $200ish range.


If you are in the market search for K1 Race Gear Suit and click on the blue suit, then you will be able to change color and sizes.


I hope this helps someone out

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