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2016 Rules TQ Calculations

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After reviewing the input from the GTS drivers - the TQ calculation for to 2016 will change from the full value at Peak to Peak X 0.9 for all classes. The online calculator is already adjusted to the new formula and the Rules will be updated shortly.


Michael G.

GTS Nat Dir.

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Michael, question from a new GTS guy -


For the dyno calculator, do I combine data from both the printout with values every 500 rpm and the dyno chart? Specifically, my peak hp happened around 6200 rpm, which is higher than the values for either 6,000 or 6,500 rpm. Should I just eyeball what that peak rpm is as it’s not calculated?


To put it more simply, should all my info for the dyno calculator come from the dyno table alone, or the table and graph combined?




Mike D


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You are correct. Actually, Rules do specify exactly that - see below...


"Dyno runs must be entered from actual raw data using values exported from the dyno test. The pull with the highest maximum HP out of 3 consecutive dyno pulls must be used for the data. All pulls should be done in RPM mode and the HP values exported at specified RPM increments and printed. In the case when Redline and Max Power values fall in between the specified increments, [-] those values must be entered from the dyno graph directly. All compliance results will be determined from data. "


This is the paragraph directly from the 2016 Rules.


The other option is to ask Dyno operator for a file in small RPM increments and get the max values from there, but using the ruler directly from the graph is good enough if the graph is clear and well defined.



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