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NP01 Enduro Class questions.


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Do we know when the 2016 Enduro Rules come out?


I read the NASA Enduro rules last night (2015.7Rev). Here are some issues we may run in to.


1. NP class is no where listed in the Enduro CC&R's (granted they were 2015).

2. If NP class is considered E0 (ST3), then you cannot have Air Jacks, or Dry Break fueling systems...

3. NP class seems to fall more into ES, but I'm wondering about out Power:Weight or if there will be exceptions to E0 for the NP01.



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For the 25 hours, they made NP it's own class. Originally it was to be ES but I suspect it will be it's own class since you can have a dry break and air jacks. I'm doing the air jacks (just ordered them) but not the dry break at this point. It's such a small tank it won't take long to fill. Now if they make the enduro tank (heard that was being worked on) then the dry break will come into play for enduro races.



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