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Rear swivel jack

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Anybody interested in one of these? We'd need to do a group buy of 12 to get them shipped from overseas.









I ordered these last week. I was more than happy paying full price (They are cheap compared to the USA ones). I ordered them on Feb 10th, they arrived Feb 12th (From the UK)! I bought the Rally/touring car lever jack also. Total was $588 USD for both jacks and that was with SHIPPING!!!! You pay around $20 in import duties, but it is worth it.


The rear swivel jack has a 882 pound capacity, the front Rally Jack has a 772 pound capacity (1654 total) That is a little under our minimum weight, but I will beef them up if needed with a welder. (Most times driver (-180+ pounds) will be out of the car swapping tires etc).


I'll start sharing more secrets, I just wanted to make sure everything works on the car before I plug a product.


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Cool. Let us know how you like them. Real world review on our cars will be very helpful.

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