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ST1 - Just Moved to New England and need help with gearing

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Hello All. I am excited for 2016 season!


I moved to New England and ran 2 events last year (Palmer and Thompson) to dust off the car and my brain! I immediately noticed that my gearing from South East is not going to cut it on the smaller NE tracks.


I am sending out my rear diff (9" ford) to get changed from a 3.89 to maybe a 4.57 or something near there. It's roughly $600 to do this so I don't want to guess. I have a spare diff so I can do 2 choices if the choice is not clear.


I have a speed calc based on my tranny, tires, etc. What I need to know is what max speeds people are seeing in ST1 and SU at the end of the straights (basically before every brake zone around the track would be ideal). I want to try and avoid the need to shift just before turns or mid turns etc.


NJMP Lighting and Thunderbolt

Watkins Glen

Lime Rock

I found a lap from PMP in a cup car running 1.39's



Any videos with MPH overlay or anything like that would be greatly appreciated.

I run a modified Panoz GTS. Similar cars are GT3 Cup Cars, Comp Coupes, Vettes, Howe TA2's, etc.....


Anything is appreciated.


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