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NASA Prototype 2016 Tour - Test Drives


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Here are the 2016 #000 Elan NP01 tour dates.


• March 12-13 – Road Atlanta

• April 30-May 1 – Sebring

• May 20-22 – VIR Hyperfest

• June 4-5 – Road Atlanta



Also, if there are other NASA weekends we feel there will be significant interest (i.e. 5 or more test drivers), it is possible those can be scheduled.



Please contact Brandon White at Elan for more details if you are interested.


Brandon White

Project Coordinator

Elan Motorsports Technologies

Office: 706-658-2041

[email protected]

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  • National Staff

Chassis #001 will be available for test sessions at the following events:

March 12 - 13, Willow Springs Raceway. We have 5 test drive opportunities left for the weekend.

April 16 - 17 Buttonwillow Raceway

May 13 - 15 Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

Aug 13 - 14 Thunderhill Raceway

Sept 10 - 11 Sonoma Raceway

Oct 13-16 Buttonwillow Raceway


If you are interested in scheduling a test session now for the March or April events, please feel free to contact me here.



Future events will be available to schedule drives for on the NASA Prototype website.

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I also plan to have our car available for test drives at the events I am attending.



March 12-13 Cresson

(Texas Event)


April 16-17 Pueblo

(Rocky Mountain Event)


April 22-24 Texas World

(Texas Event)


May 20-22 Road America

(Great Lakes Event)


May 28-30 High Plains Raceway

(Rocky Mountain Event)


June 10-11 Hallett Motor Raceway

(Texas Event)


August 13-14 Motorsports Park Hastings

(Central Event)


September 3-5 High Plains Raceway

(Rocky Mountain Event)


December 3-4 Road Atlanta

(South East Event)

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Reminder, there are test drives available this weekend at the following tracks.


Road Atlanta


Willow Springs


MSR Cresson

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