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Nitto NT-01 vs Victra RC-1 bringing tire up to temp?

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I have to make a switch to a 100 tread wear tires for a few events this season and it's been a long time since I've raced on them. I need to be 80% lap 1 and 100% on lap 2. For the last 5 years I've been on non-dot slicks (Hoosier R100, R80, S80, Pirelli P-Zero DH and DS). My STI at 3300 lbs can go 100% lap 2 on the R80, and Pirelli DS but the 3rd lap on DH, S80 and the R100 I gave up on years ago. LOL!


The FRS is my problem and this is where I would love some feedback as I'm struggling to get temp in the tires at 2900 lbs 370 whp. I've been primarily on the S80 and from talking to Hoosier they admitted to making the tire more durable (construction not compound) and it isn't until lap 4 that I see even 160 degree. The tires just starts to grip there and I mean 3 seconds a lap quicker than at 140 degrees.


The solution with the race tires is primarily the compound, like running an A7 or going with a smaller tire to build heat quicker. I actually set the TT2 lap record at VIR by dropping down from a 305 to a 285 in the rear only and the car was hooked up! Moving onto the current situation with regards to a 315/30-18 NT-01 vs a Maxxis Victra RC-1 in a 275/35-18 in terms of which has better grip and heat on lap 2-3? It has to happen on lap 2-3 due to lapped traffic.


Any data or experience with these tires in terms of heat build up, grip, width, or comparisons (in regards to the above criteria) would be awesome.


Phil Grabow.

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Hey Phil, Josh here. I've asked you about coil packs a few times in my FR-S at VIR.


I used Maxxis RC-1's all last year for TT in my FR-S, albeit only in 225/45R17, making around 200whp and weight around 2900lbs. My experience was that they felt good to go after about half of a flying lap (ie, out lap with some side to side weaving and braking then half a lap at speed). Keep in mind I haven't done any temperature readings to verify this. I'm just going by how the car feels. I will also say that the RC-1's seemed to be easier to overheat than the Hoosier R6's I ran on before, but it still only happened when excessively sliding around.


I haven't had any experience with NT-01s to compare.



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Hi Josh. Thanks and that does help some and they seem to come up to temp quickly. How long did it take wit the R6 to get up to temp on your car?


My NA without areo car when it had 265 RS3 took some work to build the heat in the rear so I think width is playing a roll here also.

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The RC-1 heat pretty quickly, and on my 2400# Integra just keep getting a little faster (although that might be my fuel burn lightening the car).

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