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cash canada

Got a Camaro for Sale AIX / AI / SU / Run What you Brung

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cash canada

Go fast on a budget. I cant post picture but will figure it out later.



For Sale: 1982 Camaro Race Car 2009 and 2013 NASA SE AIX Championship winner!


Weight 3217 lbs Wet with 200lbs Driver and full of fuel and fluids and cool suit



355 cu Small Block Chevy (no junk parts)

Horsepower 539 HP at 6,300 rpms ON PUMP GAS!!!!!!

Block One piece real main seal 4 main ZZ4 roller block

Crank 3.48 stroke GM Steel

Rods 6 inch Manley I beams 578 grams

Pistons Manley Formula Won 355 grams lateral gas ports .043 x .043 v 3mm total seal gapless rings

Heads Air Flow Research 195 with 2.02 / 1.95 valves

Camshaft Solid Roller Custom grind for this car from Mike Jones

Lifters Isky Roller Lifters

Springs Two races on Isky Tool Room Springs

Rockers 1.5 Harland Sharpe with Stud Girdle

Carb Holley 750 dp (works very well)

Intake Holley Strip Dominator

Ignition MSD 6AL with MSD Billet Distributer

Pan 7 1/2 Champ Road Race Pan

Accumulator Moroso 3.5 qt

Cooler Remote Setrab with An 10 and AN 12 lines



Clutch Powertrain 7.25 inch 3 disc clutch

Trans 4 Speed Jerico with 1.78 / 1.45 / 1.18 / 1.00 ratios

Rear 9 Inch Ford 31 spline axles

Two complete Nodular Iron center sections 3.25 and 3.55 gears both with Eaton Tru Track Diff (Torsen Worm Gear Differentials)



Fronts Coleman 13 x 1.25 Rotors and Hats w /Willwood FBS with 1.88 / 1.75 pistons

Rears Willwood 12 x .810 Rotors and Dynolites with 1.38 pistons

Pedals Willwood

Masters Howe

Plumbing All brake line fittings are AN -3 for easy service



Belts Current Belts purchased in 2014

Fire Bottle 10 lb system


Fuel System

Tank Stock filled with Fuel Cell Foam

Pump Holley Electric Blue

Regulator Holley

Lines New in 2013 AN 8 Aeroquip lines


Spares Wheels, Tires, Transmission, Differentials, Intakes, Fuel Pumps, Rotors, Pads, Tools & too many others to list


Price $15,500 or BRO


Cash Canada

Charlotte North of SC


[email protected]

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