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Time Trial "Covered Battery" Clarification


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On the Annual Race Car / TT Technical Inspection Form under "Miscellaneous" it lists "covered battery inside cockpit".


I have a Corvette Z06 which has the battery located in the hatch behind the passenger rear wheel well. There is a recessed location where the battery is mounted and there is a plastic door/cover that is part of the carpet in the hatch. This passed tech inspection last year. This year I have removed the carpet so also removed the cover/door in an effort to reduce weight. The picture below is what this looks like with the carpet removed. The battery is a sealed, spill-proof, AGM battery.


So, my question is whether or not I need to put this battery in a battery box? If so, I'd rather try to figure that out this week instead of after failing tech on Friday. I am competing in Time Trial. If I missed something on the forum or in the rules that would answer my question, please point me in that direction. Thanks for your help!




Thanks, Nick

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CCR section 11.4.9 is where you can find the answer


Excellent, thank you! Turns out I looked through the Time Trial rules, but not the CCR. For anyone else that may stumble upon this post, 11.4.9 reads:



11.4.9 Battery

The battery should be securely fastened to the car. No Bungee cords or rubber cords may be used to function

as the sole hold down mechanism. An electrically non-conductive material should cover the positive battery

terminal. Any battery located inside the driver’s compartment should be fully covered and firmly secured to the

chassis (or tub) in a marine type battery case. Dry cell, gel cell, and AGM batteries may be mounted without a

surrounding case, however a case is still recommended.

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