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Honda Engines; Where do you buy a built engine???

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I wanted to get input from people who have a built engine..I assume most of you do some work on your engines because Racing takes a massive toll on engine/transmission/etc./etc.


Do you get a shop to build it for you or get a good mechanic or go to Honda/Acura dealer for new engine??


I Googled some shops and came up with the following:










I live in California and would prefer to have a skilled shop in California, but I have yet to find one.

Some people on Honda-tech forums stated Contacting Honda/ Acura for new block and head was best option..

I'm looking at K24 from Honda Performance Development & a B18C OEM from Oakland Acura..

Both are looking interesting.



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Personally, I have most of my work (engine, suspension, etc.) done at Blacktrax Performance in Milpitas. I'm running a B18C type R (JDM type R), and had them rebuild it. They have experience on building and tuning B and K series, and they might know of a good used engine to use if you're going to rebuild it, or possibly one that is already setup. Be careful though on choosing what engine you will go with as for say H2, the rules may limit some modifications to the engine, and some engines will require a lot more weight than others per section 5 of the rules at https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/4334/2016_HPD_Honda_Challenge_Official_Rules.pdf

- Jim

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