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Traction Bar swap legal for H2 or H1?

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I have an 88 Civic I'm building for H2 and I am having traction issues..wheel hop.


I read the 2016 rules and i did not find any information on traction bar.

i did see information about "engine support cross member"..


I would like to replace OEM traction bar...

& install " Innovative Traction Bar" to mitigate wheel hop.


Is this allowed in H2 or H1?



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I took a look, and it appears that part #9 in

http://www.hondapartsnow.com/parts-list/1988-honda-civic-3dr_std-ka-4mt/front-lower-arm.html is the bushing for the ‘radius rod’ for an EF Civic. It looks like Kingpin Machine carries some spherical bearings for the EF at http://kingpinmachine.com/store/products/category/ef-da/ with the front radius rod bearings in spherical at http://kingpinmachine.com/store/products/ef-civicda-integra-front-radius-rod-bearings/. Per the 2016 HC rules at https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/4334/2016_HPD_Honda_Challenge_Official_Rules.pdf section 8.6c has ‘Suspension bushings of unrestricted origin are allowed. (Spherical, Delrin, etc.)’, but I’m not sure if the Innovative Traction Bar would be OK or not per 8.6f. You might also want to post on the HC Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/218610698225711/ to see what they suggest.


I also did a quick search for ‘Innovative Traction Bar’ and found a review at

http://honda-tech.com/honda-crx-ef-civic-1988-1991-3/new-ef-innovative-traction-bar-review-2232301/ but again, I’m not sure if it can legally be used in Honda Challenge. Personally, I would suggest just going with a spherical bearing like what Kingpin offers, but you can always give him a call and discuss the issue you’re having.


Personally, on my car (2000 EK Civic), I’m using sphericals for basically everything, with the bearings being from a variety of manufacturers. – Jim

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