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Greg G.

Technical Bulletin--ST 4-door Sedan/5-door Wagon 5-4-16

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Greg G.


ST 4-door Sedan or 5-door Wagon



7.4.2 Modification Factors


Non-Production Vehicle: = -0.4


OEM Body Type: 4-door Sedan or 5-door Wagon = +0.2

....(Only applies to a vehicle originally manufactured as a street legal production factory vehicle)


Production Vehicle Body Modifications:

....(none of these apply to Non-Production vehicles)

Modification of the OEM roof line/shape = -0.3

Modification of the floor pan for exhaust clearance

....and/or the rocker panel for side exit exhaust only = -0.2

ST3 ONLY: OEM Aero (see 7.3.2.D) = +0.4

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