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Update/Change to TT123 rules on OEM Aero Modification Factor

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TT3 "OEM Aero" Modification Factor



D) TT3 Only Production Vehicle Aerodynamics (does not apply to TTU, TT1, or TT2)


Production vehicles that maintain their unmodified OEM trim model body lines and do not have non-OEM aerodynamic aides or modifications may assess the Modification Factor for “OEM Aero” in calculating the “Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio” (7.4). Under this specific rule, an aerodynamic aide is considered non-OEM if it did not come configured on the vehicle from the manufacturing factory on the competing vehicle's trim model. There is no updating or backdating across trim models or the addition of dealer installed OEM options permitted.


Some examples of items not permitted under the "OEM Aero" Modification Factor would be the addition of Z06 or Z07 Aero aides to a base trim Corvette, or the Laguna Seca Aero package on a Mustang GT.

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