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Intergra gsr vs ls, which to get?


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I'm interested in HC and I'm looking for a Intergra. It looks like the GSR is harder to find. How competitive is the LS model? I know the LS is much cheaper to get but the GSR has more power. Which would you preferred?



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If you're going to run in Honda Challenge, then I don't think it really makes any difference if you got a GSR or a LS model. In the top sticky section of this forum, the 2015 HPD Honda Challenge Rules are listed with the link being https://nasa-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/document/document/4334/2016_HPD_Honda_Challenge_Official_Rules.pdf. If you're going to run H2, then looking at the H2 section of section 5, it looks like for an Integra, it doesn't matter what model you get as the table is sorted by the engine. There are some 'restricted prep' and 'factory prep' model requirements, but it looks like that is just for fairly new models.


If you were going to run in Time Trials or PT, then the model probably could be important.


if you got a Integra GSR or LS, then you'll probably be installing some good coilovers and probably at least upgrading the front brakes - to ITR/Honda V6 calipers etc.. You would then need to figure out the front/rear spring rates to balance the car, plus what sway bars to run front and rear, and maybe to just run a rear bar. If you do put in a fairly large rear bar, then you probably will need to install a rear subframe brace (like a ASR). You probably would also need a front splitter and a rear wing plus a good LSD. On my car (2000 Civic hatch), I'm running JRZ coilovers with 750 front and 1000 rear springs, with 22mm front ASB and 24mm (ASR) rear bar and brace, plus splitter and wing.


You might be able to find a race car already fully or well modified, but make sure to check or have the roll cage inspected to make sure that the welds are done correctly as redoing the cage can get expensive. You might also want to take a look at the Road Racing / Autocross & Time Attack forum in Honda-Tech at http://honda-tech.com/road-racing-autocross-time-attack-19/ as there is some info there as well (but try to search for the info before asking questions) including race car and supplies threads in the sticky section. - Jim

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