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Extra garage space for car and trailer

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Hello NASA NE!


My name is John and Im returning to the NE after a few years hanging out with the NASA SE crew. I am unfortunately downgrading from a house with a garage to an apartment with a parking lot so I am looking for anyone who might have an extra spot in a garage/barn/anything inside for a 2000 miata and some extra space nearby for an 18' open trailer? I am located in Newark, DE so Id prefer it to be reasonably located near there, but I wont mind a bit of a drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Also, is there a different forum where people talk more frequently? The SE guys used their facebook page but it appears the NE page doesn't allow you to post unless you're the moderator.


I am hoping to be at the Pocono event in early July so hopefully I will meet some of you there.



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