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New to AI, TT, HPDE - NASA in general

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Hey y'all. I've been a forum spectator for a while. I've got a 2010 Camaro SS I'm building for AI long term. Figured I'd jump on here to stay current. I used to race a 3rd gen Fbody in [redacted] autocross events. She's dirty but here's a quick shot.




I know a while back a guy built a '10 for AI but I never really saw much evidence to support how he did or where that car ended up.


Intention is to continue to build my car for the AI ruleset while attending HPDEs and getting acclimated.


Car currently has the GMPP Z28 suspension and is riding on the spec tire. So far I'm really digging how it drives. Needs more camber.


I look forward to contributing. Bowtie or die.

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Welcome.. to the jungle..

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