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Spring rates on R comps?


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I'm not actually running in Honda Challenge, but thought I'd ask ya'll since you run R comp tires. I'll be doing time trials in a 1991 Civic Si Hatch, 2300 lbs, D16 making (hopefully) around 130 hp, and DOT R comps. I'm running a ST 22mm rear bar and stock front.


I'm getting new coilovers here soon and need to pick my spring rates. The car is track only, so no worry about street comfort. I'm seeing people set up their cars completely differently even in the same class. I don't want the car to be an oversteer monster, but I don't want to go with something less than ideal just to make myself comfortable. I'd prefer to set the car up optimally the first go around and learn to drive it correctly. Any thoughts?

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Most HC drivers are on WasteBook. (FaceBook)


Spring rates are very driver preference dependent. Do you want understeer or oversteer? How much aero are you going to run? Do you want to run over curbs? Do you want a very twitchy car or a soft car that you can toss around? What kind of diff? New competitor or been driving aggressively for a long time?


Most common range 10-16K front, 12-18K rear. Easy way would be to get shocks and springs for the middle of the range and you can change springs from there.

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