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Getting started in AI


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Hey guys, just wanted to get ideas and opinions on starting out in AI. I have an 85 foxbody with 93 front sheet metal. It has a 302 with a few engine upgrades and a t5 trans. Other than some tubular rear control arms the suspension is stock. I just wanted to know what the minimum upgrades I need to do to get on the track. I'm assuming I need a cage, seat, and belts. What else? I want to get the best bang for my buck items then keep upgrading in the future. I live in south georgia, so I'm close to several tracks. Ultimately I wanna drive Daytona. Thanks!

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Here you will find club codes which will outline what safety stuff you need section 15 and also the American iron rules for performance upgrades. https://www.nasaproracing.com/rules


Your best bet is to get the safety stuff installed, get you car tech'd for the season and enter a comp school to get your license. Then you can attend races and mod your car as you go. Seat time is key.

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I agree with getting the car CCR legal for safety, keeping a close eye to mods that might push you out of AI (doesn't sound like that's a worry at the moment).


Go to some local events and talk to the other AI guys and see what they have done to be competitive in your region. As long as you don't plan on going to National's, staying competitive in your region is your long term goal (3-4 years out, depending on budget).


Please feel free to give me a call if you want to chew the fat on setups. My AI car has been thru many iterations over the past 11 seasons of racing and a total of 14 years in development.


My cell number is at the back of the AI ruleset.

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Welcome - always good to see another Mustang coming into NASA.


Before you start spending $$$ on the car, I'd encourage you to give some thought as to whether you want to stay with the current car and run in AI (American Iron). I came into NASA late 2014 with a Foxbody Mustang to run in CMC (Camaro Mustang Challenge). I had researched the class and decided it was the class I wanted to run. However I did not research the local NASA region or I would have discovered no one was actually running in CMC.


Being in South GA you have access to the Florida and Southeast regions. For 2016 there have been only 3 cars raced in 1 event and this was a crossover event between the Southeast and Florida regions. Here's a link to the 2016 points (scroll down to American Iron):




The Southeast region does have 1 AI car but it typically runs in AIX (American Iron Extreme). If you decide AI is for you, look towards the Florida region. They typically run events at Sebring, as well as, joining NASA Southeast at Roebling, Road Atlanta and Daytona (Daytona is not on the schedule for 2016). NASA Florida has new leadership and may expand into other tracks.


I eventually scrapped my Foxbody CMC and jumped into a Spec Iron Mustang. It's the class growing and cheapest to run (off the 3 classes within American Iron) being a spec class. In the Southeast we have 9 cars with 2 more coming for 2017.


Sorry for the long email, just wanted to given you a heads up before you started to spend real money on the track upgrades.


FYI - we are at Road Atlanta October 8 & 9, I'd encourage you to come out.

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