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Greg G.

UPDATE ST4/TT4 and other (PT) for 2017

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Greg G.

See these updates for ST4/TT4 (including deletion of PTB and possible slight changes to PTC, PTD, PTE) for '17.


Note that even though the possible change in the Adjusted Wt/HP Ratio for PTC is from the current 12:1 using the PT formula to 14.5:1 (maybe 14:1 for '17, but drivers need to think about 14.5:1 for '18), that when using the ST Formula, Avg HP instead of Max HP, and looking at the cars that we actually have competing at the top of the class, that 14 to 14.5:1 is very close to current, with a few pounds added for the top vehicles).


Also note that a potential change in PTD to 15:1 and PTE to 17:1 only affects some outliers, and that top level national cars would already fit those numbers.


Feel free to send me an e-mail if you find that someone this would potentially be unfair for your specific situation.



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