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Exhaust Heat Shielding?


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I'm interested in putting some extra exhaust heat shielding in a few spots but it's not really facilitated by the ruleset AFAIK.


Anyone else run into this? What's the stance?

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As long as you are not relocating any part of the floor of the car and if the shielding doesn't create a "flat bottom" effect, you should be fine. The idea is a shield between the underbody and the heat rejecting component, but nothing between the ground and the heat rejecting component.

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Dang, you're onto me! I was hoping to hang an undertray off the exhaust


Nah, was looking to install something to shield the transmission/diff/and respective cooler lines. The TR6060 found in the 2010+ Camaro has an internal pump that runs to the radiator much like most conventional automatics. The diff doesn't got a ton of flow either.

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