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Podium drama?


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Some crap about jumping the start. Grainy video out there that shows the start flag briefly up as the field rounded T11 and the 2 lead cars briefly in the gas. They back off, field collects, and then flag drops late in the zone. It didn't appear to effect the race but who knows. What really screwed up the race was a corvette sideways before T1 from the first wave. Why the hell they dropped the green flag makes no sense what-so-ever.


Wanna see video coverage. Fast forward to 5:14:30 for the first wave start.


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This is from another section of the forum:


Unfortunately, the starter did not do what he was supposed to - he was not told to wave the green. He did that on his own.


The AI start was the third wave and it was just as bad for the second wave which was all NP01's. That was another one where the starter was not given the command to start the race, but he wasn't given the command to go yellow either since the car was just beyond his vision. He was looking at the cars coming out of 11 and not paying attention to the one sideways on the front stretch.

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I don't believe this description matches what I saw out my windshield or hear from NASA officials. It is a NASCAR track, he was waving green and yellow which is a NASCAR flag, saying our race has started (laps start counting), but we should stay full course yellow. This combination is not in CCR, so our interpretation had to be green, with a yellow due to incident.


Either way Steve went with the NP01 green, not the AI green hence the jump start, for sure an easy mistake but didn't seem to have anything to do with the incident.

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Well if everyone was in the back with me, you wouldn't have to worry about all that stuff...


Either way, the start was so boogered up for several issues and it sucks that it ruined the race for some people. That, and the fact that people kept crashing and we had a total of 4 green laps.

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