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Team UBR Mustangs for Sale

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I know most of you are familiar with my two AI Mustangs, with our last event of the year over they are now officially for sale. Look for the the public ads later this week. I wanted to give this group a heads up and of course would like to see them continue on in NASA AI, but the would be great cars in several classes with little to no modification.


I won't list the whole parts list but they are and can be top cars in the country in the hands of a decent driver they can be on the podium at any race. Paul Fessler built the 75 and made the key changes to the 76, so they are done right.


I have ton's of spares, also look for a list of new parts going for sale as well that aren't really unique to the cars.


If you are seriously interesting let me know we can work on pricing, I am going to list the 75 (2013 base) at 80k, the 76 (2005 base) at 55k. They are almost the same, but the 75 is nicer in several ways. Don't let the price scare you, you couldn't build them for that, but to keep the cars in NASA AI I will work with you.


PM me here if you are interested.


Racing junk link


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