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S197 Seatbelt Chime


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On the mad thrash to get my car (2011 Mustang GT) ready for its first event at TWS next weekend. Just got it back from the tuner and they were not able to disable the seatbelt chime. That thing is going crazy while I am sitting in the car. All of the seat belts, housings, attachements, etc are out of the car so I can't just plug something in a belt and fake it. Does anyone know how to disable the chime? Is there a fuse I can pull or does anyone know where the actual chime or dinger is?

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From consulting the shop manuals it appears it is all controlled by the Instrument Panel cluster (IPC). I can't find anywhere in the manual on how to disable the chime though. There is a procedure for the belts installed but not for removing the device feature. Very frustrating.

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Find whatever is "dinging" and break it...


Easier said then done when your hearing is as bad as mine!


Thanks to Marshall and Capaldi Racing I was able to get this taken care of. For the next poor guy trying to figure this one out:


Remove the Instrument Panel Cluster and there is an exposed speaker on the back. It has a felt covering but its under there. I removed the the cover off of that and pulled out a copper ring surrounding the speakers magnet. The copper ring was under a thin covering like cellophane in consistency. No more dinging. Gonna take it to the track this weekend and see if I screwed anything up but all appears fine now.

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