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Xavier C.

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Looking forward in to 2017, a rule that I am opening to discussion is:


NA8 - removal of restrictor plate, increasing weight to 2400.


If anyone would happen to have any dyno sheets on this car, it would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, any discussion is well warranted.

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I am all for this idea! It will be track dependent on who likes it and who doesn't but I think that it will act more like a 99 in where it finds it's speed. It will still be harder to drive but at least the performance will be there. I would never want to be over 2400# though.


I second the turn signal light removal. Heat soak isn't as bad as the 1.6 but still an issue for the longer, hotter races down south.


Edit: I have dyno sheets for my car with the 47mm restrictor but will not make it public. PM me and we can work something out.

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Regardless of whether the weight is right or not, it's a good start. Weight can always be adjusted easily. All you have to do is look at a dyno sheet to see what the plate does to the top end, and the result is obvious at the end of long straights.

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I would like to poke the bear a little here.


I assume the goal of adding the weight and removing the plate were to make the NA1.8 identical to the 99s. However, in the rule book of appendix G, the 99 is listed as having a higher acceptable HP than the NA1.8.


Appendix G:

Engine Horsepower Torque

90-93 1.6L 123 TBD

94-97 1.8L 125 120

99-00 1.8L 127 120

01-05 1.8L 125 122


I realize this is a guide and not a rule but this would allow a 99 to have more HP before raising question than the NA1.8. By this logic, at the same weight, and less power, the NA1.8 must be inherently better in some way to need the weight and less power. I would be interested in hearing what way that is.


I bring this up because there is evidence starting to show that the NA1.8 is still a little sluggish at the top of 4th gear and can stay in a draft but cannot pass or be the lead car without getting swamped. The trade off for this is extra weight to make it handle worse and still is a more difficult chassis to drive consistently.


Just like to keep the conversation going as we start to see how the cars are responding to the changes that were made. I think most people would have preferred one change at a time to see how things shake out with as few variables as possible.

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