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2017 rule proposal-get rid of cc limit for gts4-U


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I am proposing getting rid of the cc limit in GTS4-U. I can see the reason of implementing the cc limits in GTS1-3 (although I don't agree it either), but why should there be any limit on motor size once you get to 4 or higher? If a cup car is allowed to run in 4, then why shouldn't any motor from the other German manufacturers be allowed to run against it? I mean, let's face it, if you're wanting to run competitively in 4, then you're spending a lot of money either on a "built" motor, widebody, slicks, or any combination of them. So, why should be illegal to swap in a bigger motor (that you can find cheap replacements of) rather than having to stroke out a smaller motor or swap in, say an s65 that just fits within the current rule set? Little background on me...I swapped a 14 year old s62 v8 into my e46 and have been forced into a basically non-existent class, GTS5. My motor makes less hp and has a 1k lower rev limit than a GTS4 legal s65 or a cup car's motor, yet my car is the illegal one. That makes no sense? Other than the s62, what other motors would fall into that category? That's a serious question If the intention of the cc limit was to limit detuning, then I wouldn't have to detune at all to run GTS4 if I stayed at the weight I ran in ST3 this past year. I would have to make 374-375hp to be maximized for GTS4, whereas without any kind of performance tune my motor would put down 350-360. I just think that by the time you get to gts4-U power levels cc limits shouldn't matter. You have factory built Porsche motors and stock BMW s65's that have to be detuned, or "built" smaller motors that cost a shit load to build and maintain, so who really cares what displacement your motor has once you've reached gts4 power levels?


John Huebner


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Porsche 928 (barely makes 300hp for a good one without a $20k+ stroker)

Porsche Panamera or Cayenne (never seen one on track other than HPDE)

BMW E6x M5/M6 S85 (I know a fully prepped car that could run GTSU, but the owner never intends to go beyond HPDE)

BMW M62 (horrible choice of a race engine, similar but worse power issue to S62 and less upgrade options)

BMW S63 or other 4L+ turbo motors are the only ones I could see being a potential issue.


There are some Audi and Mercedes engines, but those never show up as race cars.

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