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Car pulls on the exit of a turn

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On the exit for turn 12 at Portland International Raceway as I unwind the steering wheel for the front straight the car pulls to the right. It's a right hand turn in 3rd gear and I've been full throttle for a few seconds. It's just before the steering wheel is fully straight. It feels like something is unloading or unbinding. It doesn't matter how smoothly I try to unwind the steering wheel it always abruptly pulls and then everything is fine.


My friends and I are building a 91 Civic Si for chump car. The suspension has new

  • Poly bushings
  • New rubber trailing arm bushings
  • New struts
  • New lower ball joints
  • New tie rod ends
  • New steering rack
  • OEM springs
  • Integra trailing arms
  • Integra rear sway bar (1mm thicker than OEM)
  • Aftermarket slotted upper control arm with new ball joints
  • 91 EX Honda Spindles


Front is toed 1/8" out

Rear is zero toe


This problem is a bit hard to search for so I'm hoping someone who races a Honda has come across this.

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