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Hello Everyone,


My name is Michael Lewis (no, not the championship driver) and I own/drive the 2010 BMW 335i pictured below. I bought her new in 2010 and have done all of the modifications myself. Looking back, if I had known I would get this serious into amateur racing, I probably would have just bought an spec e46 but the labor of love took me from a DD into a car without a class. I have been participating in non-sanctioned HPDEs and time attacks for over 5 years and my first NASA HPDE is this weekend at SOW (I live in SD, CA). I have been doing a lot of researching and have concluded that my 335i would most likely fit in the GTS5 classification, which groups me with GT3 cups and other MUCH lighter e46 racecars. I was wondering how competitive the Western GTS5 class is and if my car even stands a chance? I know this is an extremely subjective question as you do not know my driving abilities, but just wanted to get an idea of the field. The car weighs 3420 with me in it and puts down 530whp at 7200rpm. Anyways, I hope to be written off this weekend to do NASA TTs and take the driving school for my provisional race license in the next couple of months. Any help/thoughts/recommendations are great appreciated! Thanks!





26508411786_3db9315d85_c.jpgAdvanced Turn 4b WS__9722_Apr1016_by_CE-CaliPhoto by Evolvet5r, on Flickr

25929414064_4f40eac6e4_c.jpgIntermediate Turn 4b WS__0092_Apr1016_by_CE-CaliPhoto by Evolvet5r, on Flickr

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Welcome to the GTS family.


My recommendation is to review past results:




And see how your lap times compare to GTS5 class. Or consider running a restriction plate to get to GTS3 or 4?


Thank you for the welcome!I just looked at the times and I don't see any GTS5 or GTSU in either of the GTS races. I might just have to run with the ST guys as it looks to be a much more popular class out here on the west coast; It would be a family sedan vs. a field of vettes but could make for some fun! And my times are in the sweet spot of the top 3 for all the ST1 guys.

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