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Volunteer crew member available for 25h


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I have a found a team, thank you for those that have reached out. I also found out that I cannot respond to messages on here as I don't have enough posts.






I live in the Bay Area and would like to volunteer for a team as a crew member for the 25 hours of Thunderhill race.


About me:

- 29 years old, corporate job (finance), relatively in shape/good health

- clean, respectful, responsible


Relevant experience:

- Zero experience as a crew member for a racing team

- I can take a car completely apart, put it back together and expect it to run, but am mostly self-taught, not a professional mechanic

- I have been a huge racing enthusiast my whole life and have gone to over a dozen tracks as a spectator. Back in college I studied abroad in Germany and went to watch the 24 hours at the Nurburgring, slept on the grass.

- I used to participate in SCCA autocross events

- I've owned 2 Miatas, 2 240SXs (one of them with a big turbo), VW Jetta 1.8T, etc. those are the type of cars I have experience working on but am open to anything


My expectations:

- I am eager to be part of a team and help out however I can (no job is too small, manual labor is fine, however I am doing this to get the experience being part of a racing team, not to clean your RV). I can be an extra set of hands and can drink plenty of caffeine

- I will let you pay for my crewmember credentials so that I know you are serious

- I don't have any fireproof suit or any equipment, you would need to provide if required


Please send me a message on here if you are interested.




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At this point I have made a commitment to support a team. Thanks to all that reached out (I was impressed by the response, 3 teams reached out within a day). Hope everyone has a great race!

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