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25 Hours Of Thunderhill seats available

TC Motorsports

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Seats are now available for the 2005 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill. TC Motorsports is offering seats in our multi-car Spec Miata endurance racing team.


At the 2004 Cascade 8-Hour endurance race, TC Motorsports fielded two team cars and finished first and third in a class of 13 and finished 12th and 16th overall of 39 cars.


At the 2004 25-Hours of Thunderhill, we finished third in a class of 23 and 11th overall of 59 cars. We beat all of the Spec Miatas, except one.


This is a tough race. Why bother working countless hours building your own team of drivers and crew, preparing the car and equipment and then wearing the car out, when you could just show up and drive with one of the most competitive Spec Miata teams around?


If you are interested in joining a winning team for some fun and challenging endurance racing, or would like more information, please let us know as soon as possible.


You can learn more about our regional, professional and endurance racing efforts by going to http://www.tcmotorsports.net


Carlo Sparacio

TC Motorsports

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