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Can I Run TT2 and TT3 in the Same Event?


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I have built my car for TT2, but my tuner also gave me a TT3 tune, both using the average whp calculation for 2017. The tune swap is by reflashing with hptuners. Could I register for an event in TT2, then swap over and run TT3? I ask for a few reasons, not the least important of which is the contingency programs. If I register for an event as TT2 and I'm the only one there, as was the case at Memphis earlier this year, winning is of little consequence. But if I could register as TT2, then swap to TT3 for day 2, for instance, it would be cool. It would be of benefit to the class, too, to have another competitor.


Thoughts? Answers? I'm new to this, having only done the one TT event. Thanks for any input you may offer! I'm really excited about the coming year!

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I've switched TT classes in the same weekend, if there weren't enough racers to "make" a class, or two try to nail two class track records in the same car (it is rare, but sometimes the record in the class up is soft). NASA usually doesn't allow you to switch in the same day (anymore) but its usually OK to switch classes from day-to-day.




As Jon said above ASK your local TT director, and make sure they know you might be doing a switch in advance. Don't show up the morning of Day 2 on a race weekend and expect to switch. And if you plan switch bring real graphics and change them - don't be one of those blue tape warriors.

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