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weight ballast


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I need to add 90 LBS of weight to the car. All I can find in the CCRs is

15.20 Ballast

All ballast shall be solid metal such as steel, lead, or depleted uranium, and consist of a minimum of five (5) pounds per piece. Each piece shall be bolted in place with through-bolts, fender washers, and a locking-nut / system (e.g. jam-nuts, Nylock, etc.). All ballast shall be secured sufficiently and all bolts shall be of Grade five (5). Nylock nuts or metal crimping lock nuts should not be reused.


Is there any other rules I need to comply with beside 15.20 for Time Trial? Please provide a source so I can look it up to.


Thank you.

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  • National Staff

5) Up to two hundred and fifty (250) lbs. of added ballast is permitted. All ballast must be of solid material (no fluids or shot pellets), safely secured in any location on the vehicle approved by NASA safety technical inspectors, and comply with Section 15.20 of the NASA CCR.

Page 6 of ST Rules. Page 26 of the PT rules should say the same thing, but we missed it in the '17 revision, so we will fix it. TT will be the same.

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