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1992 Nissan NX2000 Hardtop


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Location: MS

Item Price: 1200

Vehicle Year: 1992

Vehicle Make: Nissan

Item Condition: Used

Vehicle Model: NX2000

Vehicle Location: Mississippi

Vehicle Condition: Rolling shell

Shipping Options: Local pick-up

Acceptable Means of Payment: Paypal , Money order , Cash

My Name: Sergio

Contact Information: undiaf1 at yahoo dot com



Hello everyone it's time for me to part ways with my NX2000 track beater. It is located in the Jackson, MS Metro Area.


I'm asking $1200 obo for it.


I have a Mississippi title for it in my name.


The car currently has some grinding noise coming from the front right corner. I looked it over and it doesn't seem to be brake related. I think it's a wheel bearing issue. This car has served me well but I don't want to put any more time and money into it. I've got other cars that could use my attention.


I'll be pulling the powertrain, radiator, headliner, rear sway bar and exhaust from this car. I might be pulling the window motors as well.


The car has something like 160-170k miles on the chassis. I bought it with 146k miles, but the gauge cluster went bad shortly after at 149,xxx miles. I replaced it with a junkyard unit that is showing over 200k miles. I never reset the replacement cluster to match the mileage of the original cluster.


The car has evidence of previous accident damage on the front right corner. Also I think the car was in a flood at some point. When I bought the car as a shell I could see evidence of mud and water line in the engine bay area. The original seats also had some evidence of water damage. I bought the car to beat on at the track so I didn't care too much about the rough state the car was in.


The car has seen something like 5 track days since I got it back into driveable condition.


Below I list how the car will be sold.


Rolling Shell Details:

- Carpet and most of the interior has been pulled out of the car. I still have it available and can provide it to the next owner.

-Working ECU will come with the car

-Used SR20DE engine mounts and brackets will come with the car

-Stock NX2000 electrical harness will come with the car

-NX2000 wheels with old Falken Ziex 512 tires (185/60/14)

-Spare tire

-Manual steering rack from Sentra E

-A/C, cruise control and Power steering deleted

-Whiteline Caster Bushings

-Energy suspension bushings in front control arm pivots.

-Front Seats and rear seat from a 93 Junkyard NX

-Old Hypercoil Springs from a SR20Forum group buy (300 lbs/in Front, 200lbs/in Rear)

-KYB AGX Struts( Maybe something like 50-60k miles on the FL, RL, and RR struts. The front right strut has something like 20k-30k miles on it)


I'd like to sell this to somebody that will get it back on the road. In my opinion the car is best suited for road course duty as it is in too rough a state to make a nice street car.


I can email more pictures and get into more detail about the vehicle condition. Just let me know.


Best way to reach me is via PM or thread post. Thanks for looking.



Vehicle Pictures can be seen at this link.



**I will not sell this to anybody that will just buy the car to part it out and then scrap it, or if you are going to make it into some demo derby car. If you have this in mind please do not waste my time as well as your own. I'd rather just keep it and have it sit instead of having it be crushed while it is still a perfectly useable car. **

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