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3 Race Summer Shootout!

AJ Hartman

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Hey guys. I wanted to try and organize a multi region, three race summer shootout for the 2017 season. I'll start with a quick back story of how it came about.


After 2016 East Coast Nationals at the Glen, Steve Nichols tried to convince Al Watson and myself (both from the NE region) to do a late season race at Dominion Raceway (a MidAtlantic event). We wanted to but was kinda late notice for us. But we got to chatting about doing a NE vs. MA thing for fun. We were going to pick one race in MA and one in the NE and try and get a decent turn out at those events. Fast foward a bit and the NE and Great Lakes regions schedules came out, and it just so happens we have a combined event at Pitt Race (near Pittsburgh) on the schedule. So then this prompted the idea of a 3 race, 3 region summer series, since one is already a combined event.


So the 3 events that kind of work out are as follows:


June 3-4 at Pitt Race

July 22-23 at Dominion Raceway

Sept 23-24 at Watkins Glen


This schedule seems to work out pretty well with about month and a half between events.


Any input, please comment. With Nationals way down at Sebring, its out for a lot of us, so it would be fun to have these 3 events be larger than a typical event. I plan to do all 3 and volunteered to try and get this thing organized. We will try and do some sort of BBQ or cookout every Saturday evening but will need people to volunteer to bring stuff, etc. and hang out. Al Watson volunteered to do a special "home made" trophy the Glen event, and Jason Lakomiak (GL director) will be doing one for the Pitt Race event. We need someone from the MA region to do one for that. Again, let me know your thoughts so we can try and get this organized and rolling.

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AJ -


We drove 4 hours past where you live to go to the Glen. Sebring is a once in a lifetime track like the Glen was for several of us. Gas is cheap and that eco boost gets great mileage I hear.


Just sell a couple more of those shiny wings or splitter plane things and bring 'em down!

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