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Help Please - Looking to Sit in Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit

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I'm installing a roll bar in my 135i this spring. The next decision is the seats. I have sat in a Sparco Evo and I like it a lot, and I know it fits the E82. I would like to sit in a Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit just to make sure the Sparco is the best fit for me. I know this sounds weird, but does anybody have a Cobra Suzuka Pro Fit that I could sit in for five minutes just to feel the fit? I'm located in Woodbine, MD. I'll come to you. Normal guy, 9-5 accountant, loves cars. Just looking to sit in a Cobra Suzuka so I can make a decision.


If you have one I would appreciate the help.





202-270-five nine five six.

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I'd check first to see if they stock the line, but OG Racing is in Sterling VA, and they have quite a few seats in the showroom just waiting to be sat in.


That was one way I found out that a Kirkey 47 Intermediate was a comfortable fit for my lanky bones.

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