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PTD / TTD / ST 4 or 5 E30 Stroker for sale

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Hey folks, my E30 is up for sale. It is on Racing junk and the racer connect listings.

Here is a link to the main listing.



It is very fast, reliable, and IMO pleasing on the eyes. It has a qualifying PTD track record at Thunderhill (as far as I know) with a 2:01.6. Also can do 1:51 at Sonoma, 1:42 (maybe 1:41...) at Laguna Seca.


No maintenance is needed - I change all fluids about 4 times a year and really baby her.


Just did a valve adjustment, new guibo, drive shaft, control arms in the last two months. The engine literally makes more HP now than when it was new (it has ~23 hours on it). It was a $9k engine from Metric Mechanic based on their "baby 6" build.


Feel free to shoot any questions on this forum or PM me.




-JD Koos

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