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968 3.0 race head for sale


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Selling my 968 race head that was intended for my 944 track car 3.0 swap. Unfortunately, this is one of the projects I am not getting to any time soon. I have a baby on the way and I still have dreams of racing my spec miata this year... Need diaper money and race tire money. Help a brother out!


The head originally came out of a Pporsche 968 3.2 stroker build and has a brand new refresh - 0 run hours. It will work for a stockish rebuild or something a little more crazy, your choice. All the machine work and refresh work was done by Michael Mount. The head has a brand new refresh (disassembled, cleaned, all valves replaced). It is 100% good to go. You can still see assembly lube in the pictures. Includes all the hardware in pictures and new lifters that probably saw less than 5 hours of run time. **CAMS NOT INCLUDED**. If you need something included that's not in the pictures just let me know - I can probably throw it in with the sale.


Work done:

Pressure test

Competition Valve Job

Additional porting / optimize intake and exhaust ports

CC chambers, cut, cc again (40cc)

Clearance head for large cam lobes - This will clear some crazy cam lobe profiles.

Surface head

Race springs

Spring seats

New Valves


There is $2500 in labor/parts not including the cost of the head. $2200 OBO plus shipping!!! I am open to all reasonable offers. Located in Bucks County, PA









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